Thursday, October 05, 2006


Byond the Individual Teacher

Whether is it learned or taught, the concept of mulitlitacies (functional ,critical rhetorical), has an impact on the overall pedagogical design and philosophy of education. When this is digested(the impact of the concept),then the decision of whether to choose between changing the content, the delivery mode, focus on teachers’ PD for leading others into the path change, depends on the extent of the “how/whether/if/what”, that the decision makers and educators have comprehended and digested about the whole process .Certainly ,the efforts done should exceed the individuals to go beyond that to reach the whole community. It will not only add to TPD but it will improve “ the depth of such impacts on educational outcomes.” Projects like what is done in Uganda can add to this point:
And another one on cultural diversity and gender:
The impact on a wider non-connected communities:

الاخ الفاضل

حيث اننا بصدد تأسيس رابطة المدونين السودانيين ، فنرجو تكرمك بزيارة المدونة المخصصة لهذا الغرض و مشاركتك معنا في النقاش و للخروج بالبيان التأسيسي و إنتخاب اعضاء اللجنة

ولكم الشكر

رابط المدونة هو:
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