Monday, October 02, 2006



  1. Instead of logging on to MY blog, /I will log on to my bloglines (like the forums in D2L), then read all new posts on those I subscribed to. Some websites do not have RSS so they will not compete in the future. So, I have to get an RSS feed to my blog. Aha! Now I figured out how Downes read and reflect upon these articles and posts…..finally! I still believe I need a tutorial with screenshots. This is how I think the simplest way to understand RSS.
  2. When I pressed the RSS button on the wiki, gave me detailed HTML posts even the deleted ones. Failed to wubscrbe1
  3. On reading Maryanne Burgos’s at . Now I know where I belong into the different notions of multiliteracy; it is the Functional Literacy and Critical literacy! Am I wrong/ Maybe slow too!!
  4. “Selber’s Power Moves Associated with Technological Regularization (pp. 102-103)(xclusion: Deflection,Differential Incorporation ,Compartmentalization ,Segregation ,Centralization,tandardization Polarization –Marginalization ,elegation Disavowal ). tried to apply this to our situation in Khartoum, not the whole Sudan, and I was amazed how many could be ticked:! Not as a conclusion for today’s work, The data(or information as Beth wondered), on this link is interesting indeed. Now I consider myself joined one of the courses which are designed on Critical Thinking Notions. Thanks Vance and good night.9.30 a.m.Ramadan Kareem!

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