Monday, October 02, 2006


Web 2.0 Tools

After reading several comments and points of view from other webheads, I think I will change to FEEDBlitz ( not started yet). I read about it on an email from Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith in learningwithcomputers yahoo group. I liked the idea of opening my email and finding everything in there,l ike what I have experienced with Learning Times, Downes( I just love this guy!) ,IT weekly and other journals
Web 2.0 tools ?Those I am comfortable with?
The first one is delicious.I like to have my links, tagged, sorted out and organized. It has no problem in using. Lately, I discovered the “do not share” button. I thought it has no privacy.The second tool is flickr, where I upload my photos. Bubblshare is the best where you can upload, create a slideshow with your voice and share it with others.On buzznet this option is also there with a place for comments and adding friends’ blogs to your. Springdoo ,where you can send voice, video emails(much faster?)
Web2.0 tools not comfortable with?
Podmatic (maybe I should try to record something today!!).Vance showed me Multiply, but today, I stumbled over 4shared, same feature of Mutilply ,uploading photos ,music and videos, all in one place. I love it !
Tools I would like to explore?Juice
Adapting ALL the scary, rapidly new invented or created web 2.0 tools will lead one to a near mental break down. Thus, in points: select the appropriate tool to fulfill the objective, try it untill you are comfortable with it, use it, re-use it, re-use-it, re-use it, then, look for a similar one on the market.The selection will be easier as you would be able to by now, what re your students’ needs and goals and how to use the tool to accomplish them.
Questions: How can I set my PBWiki to accept comments?How/where can I post comments on bloglines.I tried to do so with Beth’s, no success.

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